BT provides specialised infrastructure and connectivity solutions that give communications service providers the scale and agility they need to grow quickly and navigate the challenges they face in a fast-changing market.

As one of the world’s leading communication companies, BT is uniquely qualified to supply wholesale services to service providers. We know first-hand the importance of seamless interconnectivity with cloud operators as well as local and global carriers; we understand that every service provider wants to tailor different communications services to the ever-changing needs of their customers.  BT has a long track record in Ireland of doing just that.

Underpinning our market knowledge is a world-class data centre. Our wholesale services are run out of Dublin Citywest, a Tier 3 facility with the highest standards of security, including ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 certification. BT is also PCI DSS certified as a Level 1 service provider, guaranteeing that data is protected to optimal security levels. 

Why choose BT for data centre services?

From co-location to managed hosting, we offer a full range of services built on solid principals that benefit service providers.

Better customer experience – we have the highest level of customer service credentials and an experienced team of dedicated data centre professionals who will plan and design your infrastructure and provide 24/7 support. We use industry-recognised methodologies to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Seamless interconnectivity – we know that quick and simple cross-connection in a carrier neutral environment is essential, providing easy interconnectivity that enables you to give your customers the agility they need to access different online services. BT customers can peer with 37 local and global carriers, INEX and leading cloud companies.

Adding value – we provide the efficiency, flexibility and agility of a world-class data centre at a market leading price point. Value is paramount and charging is transparent, so no nasty surprises when you want service changes or rudimentary upgrades.

Tailored services – we understand that every service provider has different data centre needs, which is why our extensive portfolio can be customised to meet your priorities, whether it’s an expanding physical footprint, moving to hosted cloud-based infrastructure or enhanced security features in light of the increasing threat of DDOS and other security attacks.

Capacity to grow – we have invested in highly scalable infrastructure to support the most ambitious business strategies - both local and global.  BT’s network offers connectivity to over 170 countries and data centre services across 48 worldwide locations, helping you realise your growth potential and expand your data centre footprint.

One-stop shop – we are the only data centre in Ireland with its own global telecoms network, offering voice, data, hardware and managed services. We offer a complete range of telecom services supported by a unique combination of local expertise and global reach.
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BT was chosen to provide data centre services to help IP Telecom expand their VOIP network

“BT has provided us with data centre services to enable us to expand our VOIP network to keep pace with our ambitious growth plans, we chose BT because of their first class facilities and impressive turnaround times on implementation”, Brian Chamberlain, CTO, IP Telecom.

IP Telecom have enjoyed rapid growth with over 25,000 network end points across thousands of businesses in Ireland and to keep pace with their expansion they needed to invest in ramping up their infrastructure backbone.

BT has provided co-location and additional data centre services.  The infrastructure is backed up by BT’s 24/7 support and the flexibility of the team onsite, along with BT’s ISO 27001 security accreditation.

By building a network point of presence in the BT data centre at Citywest Dublin, IP Telecom now have access to a large number of carriers to interconnect to, as well as the national internet exchange INEX, enabling them to continue to rapidly grow their network and their business.

“Our relationship with BT over the past 18 months has been fantastic and has really helped us to grow our infrastructure in response to the huge demand we are seeing from the Irish business community in moving their communications to Voice over IP”, Brian Chamberlain, CTO, IP Telecom.

Blacknight expanded their capacity to meet customer demand by moving to the BT data centre.

“Working with BT is helping us further enhance our network capacity and range of cloud and hosting services. This expansion will see us strengthen our position as a market leader for hosting services globally”, Michele Neylon, CEO, Blacknight.

In order to meet growing customer demand for hosting and domain registration services Blacknight needed to rapidly expand their data centre infrastructure with no interruption to the high level of service that they offer their clients.

BT has provided a dedicated data centre area for Blacknight with a commercially attractive solution for power, ICT equipment and the latest in biometric security. The infrastructure was commissioned quickly and smoothly to ensure no service disruption to Blacknight’s clients.

By expanding their network at the BT data centre Blacknight can continue to grow their business, offering their global clients market leading hosting plans, domain registration services, dedicated servers and co-location solutions.

“BT Ireland has worked closely with us every step of the way in moving to their best-in-class modern data centre environment, and their track record for data security, reliability and international reach makes them the ideal partner for us”, Michele Neylon, CEO, Blacknight.