Let IDC and BT unlock the secrets to achieve truly successful SIP - (Session Initiation Protocol) enabled global communications.
BT One Voice SIP Trunking Webinar slides from September 2016
Jason Andersson, Network Analyst, IDC Enterprise.
Jason will help you understand how a global application of enterprise SIP can help you on your digital transformation journey - as well as how up-to-date voice services will benefit your business. He’ll tackle some of the infrastructure issues many IT departments struggle with, while showing you how to create the ideal strategy for SIP trunk adoption.

Jan Riechers, BT General Manager, Global Voice Services.

As BT’s global expert in SIP and WAN technologies, Jan will take you through BT’s network experience, international footprint and end-to-end range of services.

Customer Case Studies

We’ll show you how two global organisations have delivered significant cost savings and better quality service - all by bringing their worldwide communications onto a common platform. You’ll see how our customers got their networks ready for unified communications and collaboration, and how they’ve improved communications by working with a one-stop global provider with decades of experience.

If your organisation has a global footprint, our webinar is ideal for your:

•    Chief Information Officer   
•    Network, Infrastructure or IT Manager     •    Head of Procurement/Finance.
Speaker biographies:
Jason Andersson, Network Analyst, IDC Enterprise
Jason Andersson is responsible for worldwide communications infrastructure and software research and a leading member of the EMEA Unified Communications (UC) research team. He provides research, market analysis, competitive analysis, and consulting across the enterprise communication application areas.He assesses and develops IDC’s viewpoints on the evolution of products and solutions among vendors and evaluates the adoption of global communications technology by enterprise customers. Jason also advises enterprise clients on an extended range of communications technologies including advising on communications solutions required for customer experience operations.

He has extensive knowledge of the industry, having held a number of roles in infrastructure, UC, contact center and telecommunication. He combines business savvy with technology knowledge and market awareness to offer customers key insights into all types of communication strategies. He has practical experience having implemented business models used in the applications industry, and has seen first-hand the change from premises-based installations to hosted SaaS solutions. Jason has an MBA from Heriot-Watt University in Great Britain, and writes for industry magazines and is a regular speaker at international events. He is an American and Swedish citizen and is fluent in both English and Swedish. He lives with his family in Stockholm.

Jan Riechers, BT General Manager, Global Voice Services
Jan Riechers has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Jan joined BT in 1998 as part of the European joint ventures and has been responsible for developing BT’s global VoIP strategy and the introduction of SIP services in various management roles. Jan is currently responsible for the product direction, development, management and financial performance of BT Global Voice Services, ranging from contact center solutions to global enterprise voice deployments.

Jan holds a wealth of experience working with multi-national organizations on their evolution from traditional voice services into SIP-based voice and collaboration solutions, including the contact center market. His strong understanding of voice technologies, the global regulatory framework, as well as the communications demand of global organizations, makes him a perfect advisor on global SIP solutions and their effective integration into private and public cloud collaboration services.

In our webinar we’ll show you how to:
  • Use Global SIP to create a future-proof network that gives you greater control over services and reduces your costs
  • Make the most of SIP by consolidating voice across multiple sites on a global WAN
  • Avoid the common mistakes organisations make when rolling out SIP trunks globally
* This event is not open to BT Wholesale customers
It all starts with your network. Consolidating SIP enterprise voice services with your IP data network gives you the opportunity to standardise your communications and provide connectivity that’s resilient, flexible and easier to scale to achieve the following objectives:
  • Reducing the complexity and cost of global communication
  • Extending your global reach to new markets
  • Increasing the productivity of your workforce through unified communications and collaboration.
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Businesses are rising to the challenge of market globalisation by becoming stateless - selling streamlined products and services to an increasingly integrated global economy.

How do businesses with a global footprint simplify and optimise communications? Enterprise voice - enabled by SIP - remains a critical business service, as well as a vital stepping-stone to improving employee collaboration and creating efficient operations.

To connect people across your organisation (regardless of region), you need to make the most of SIP. And ‘getting it right’ is essential to your organisation’s efforts to be more competitive, control costs and bring a distributed international workforce together.