Artificial Intelligence is on the rise, but is it becoming as powerful as human intelligence? Azeem Azhar is here to set the record straight... 

About Azeem Azhar:
Azhar is a top LinkedIn tech influencer, is provocative and loathes the word disruptive, although that’s exactly what he is. He is a regular spokesperson for The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian. When Azeem Azhar speaks, people like Accenture, The World Economic Forum and the BBC listen. 

Now it's your turn.
Meet Azeem at this year's Mindshare event to explore how AI is causing major disruption across our industries. On any given day AI is both the saviour and the doom of  mankind, but how will organisations handle artificial intelligence becoming a permanent fixture in the workplace?  
Azeem's keynote will make you think about the future task-force, the ethics of data and the role of big tech companies today as well as how to use technological advancements to get and stay ahead of the curve. An inspiring  event not to be missed.